Emergency Coordinator Mike Goffos WB8ZGH
  AEC – ARC Liaison (Rumor Control) Ron Corban KC8BTN
  AEC – NCS (EOC) Fritz Hemrich K8WLF
  AEC – NCS (EOC) Don Koscis WA8TWM
  AEC – NCS (EOC) Jim Pyle    AA8OY
  AEC – PIO (LCHS Liasion) Bob Mekinda K8QXO
  AEC – NCS (ARES & Public Service) Larry Caskey K8LPC
  AEC – Logistics Ed Kopcak KB8BKE



   Repeaters (N8BC)
     147.210 +  (pl 110.9)   Tri-Point   Echo Link Node 665499
     224.500 –  (141.3)   Tri-Point
     444.650 +  (131.8)   Tri-Point



        ARES Training Net:  Mondays at 19:00    147.210 (backup 147.255)      

       Tri-County Traffic Training Net: Sundays, Tuesdays & Fridays at 21:00 – 147.015+ (pl110.9)




        Held the first Wednesday of each month at 19:30




The National Weather Service has started conducting fall spotter training courses. Cuyahoga County will be having one of these on Thursday November 1 at 6:00 PM. The training will be at the Cleveland Red Cross office at 3747 Euclid Ave, Cleveland, OH 44115. This training will be different than the regular spring training session. Training sessions will begin alternating spring and fall sessions in adjacent counties every other year. For the full list of other counties holding fall trainings, please visit






















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