Lake County Amateur Radio Association

                                                                                                              Serving Lake County Since 1978  


Emergency Coordinator Mike Goffos WB8ZGH
  AEC – ARC Liaison (Rumor Control) Ron Corban KC8BTN
  AEC – NCS (EOC) Fritz Hemrich K8WLF
  AEC – NCS (EOC) Don Koscis WA8TWM
  AEC – NCS (EOC) Jim Pyle    AA8OY
  AEC – PIO (LCHS Liasion) Bob Mekinda K8QXO
  AEC – NCS (ARES & Public Service) Larry Caskey K8LPC
  AEC – Logistics Ed Kopcak KB8BKE



   Repeaters (N8BC)
     147.165     (110.9)  LC EOC
     147.210     (110.9)   Tri-Point
     147.255     (110.9)   Lakeland CC
     224.500    (141.3)   Tri-Point
     444.650    (131.8)   Tri-Point
     Echo Link Node  (665499)



        ARES Training Net:  Mondays at 19:00    147.210 (backup 147.255)      


         Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 19:30 hrs.
                                                                                   For additional information visit:


















Contact Mike ( WB8ZGH) for ARES information and Ed  (KB8BKE) for page design.