Public Services & Emergency Communications    

                                                                                                                             Lake County Amateur Radio Association

                                                                                                            Celebrating 40 Years of Service to Lake County (1978 – 2018) 

                                                                N8BC Repeater Frequencies

                                                                         147.210 pl 110.9

                                                                         147.255 pl 110.9

                                                                         147.165 pl 110.9

                                                                         224.500 pl 141.3

                                                                         444.650 pl 131.8

                                                             N8BC Echo Link Node: 665499




Emergency Coordinator Mike Goffos WB8ZGH
  Assistant Emergency Coordinator Ron Corban KC8BTN
  Assistant Emergency Coordinator Fritz Hemrich K8WLF
  Assistant Emergency Coordinator Don Koscis WA8TWM

   Assistant Emergency Coordinator                               Larry Caskey                K8LPC        

   Assistant Emergency Coordinator                               Ed Kopcak                    KB8BKE     

   Assistant Emergency Coordinator                               Bob Mekinda                K8QXO        

   Assistant Emergency Coordinator                              Jim Pyle                         AA8OY        






                                                                         ARES Training Net:  Held every Monday at 7:00 pm.  on the 147.210 repeater. 

                                                                         Skywarn Net is activated when Lake County is under a Weather WARNING.

                                                                         10 Meter Round table: Held every Wednesday at 8:00 pm. on 28.450 mhz.

                                                                          2 Meter Round table: Held every Thursday at 7:30 pm. on the 147.210 repeater.



                                                                     Meetings are held on the first Monday of each month at 19:00
                                                                           April thru October:    Lake County History Center                                                                                                                                                          415 Riverside Dr.    Painesville Twp.  
                                                                      November thru March:    Tri-Point Physicians Pavilion  (Lower Level)                                                                                                                  7590 Auburn Rd.   Concord
                                                                           For additional club information visit

                                                                                                               ***PUBLIC SERVICE & ARES EVENTS***   


Sky Warn Spotter Training

                          Skywarn Spotter Training for 2018 will be at Lakeland Community College on April 23rd in Rm. T-129 at 18:30.                                  Reservations not required. Seating is limited.



Ohio ARES Conference

    From Scott Yonnaly,  N8SY :

” Hey Gang, the 2018 Ohio ARES conference will be held Saturday, April 7 at the Marion Technical College / OSU Marion campus! Doors will open at 8am and the meeting will start promptly at 9am.
We have a great venue with the use of 150 plus seating lecture facility with excellent audio / visuals, and a wide selection of lunch places nearby! This year’s keynote speaker is already set, and it’s perhaps the most important talk you’ll hear all year: Great Lakes Division Director Dale Williams, WA8EFK, has been the chair of a committee working on BIG changes to ARES nationally ”

                                ” The committee report was accepted at the January Board meeting. Some portions are already being launched. While the report itself needs to go through staff and such, Dale will be telling us the important changes that will be happening to the ARES program. There will be some great opportunities for all of us! So, this is a benchmark year- one you’ll be at the leading edge of for sure! We will also have a number of other great speakers that will be there as well! I know that you will find this meeting extremely valuable! You just can’t miss it! And, it’s FREE!!! ”
We’re asking all of you coming to register so that we can properly prepare for how many will be coming. The link to register is:



Tornado Awareness Class

            The Cuyahoga County Office of Emergency Management is hosting a Tornado Awareness class Thursday, April 26th.

               Class will be held at the American Red Cross building, 3747 Euclid Ave. from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.



                               Most public service events will increase your knowledge and capabilities to perform in an emergency.                                      All are welcome to visit at any event.







Contact Mike ( WB8ZGH) for ARES information and Ed  (KB8BKE) for page design.